friedrich weise

Front-End Developer


2015 - 2017Webdesign August Design
design agency in Dresden
2016Front-End Development queospark
a branding and communication agency in Dresden, Germany
2016 — nowFront-End Development
networking platform for refugees, civil society and supporters
2018 — nowFront-End Development Afeefa Kollektiv
IT collective for Web development and consulting


2015C and UI Design IoT smart clock
ESP8266 based IoT project written in C
2016 — 2017Front-End in Vue.js PlainRead
beautiful RSS Feed Reader written in Vue.js and Go
2017 – nowWebdesign
my lightweight selfhosted Instagram-like profile to share some of my photographs
2018Processing Music Visualizer
simple waveform based music visualizer written in Processing
2018Design and Implementation
we built a raft and traveled from Dresden to Hamburg on the river Elbe
2018 – nowSwift wechsel
macOS utility for managing bluetooth connections with your keyboard


My name is Friedrich Weise. I started building things for the internet in 2006 and haven't stopped since then. Currently I'm working as a Front-End developer in Dresden, Germany.