friedrich weise

Front-End Developer & UI Designer


2013 PlainCloud
MacOS application for Apple's iCloud
2015 - now August Design
design agency in Dresden
2016 - now
networking platform for refugees, civil society and supporters
2016 queospark
a branding and communication agency in Dresden, Germany
2016 - now Dresdner Kapellsolisten
print design for the Dresden concerts in 2016 and 2017

Open Source

2012 Die Liebsten
my first Node.js® web platform for creating top five lists
2014 movies
a linux application to manage your local movie library
2015 IoT desktop lamp
ESP8266 based IoT project written in Lua
2015 mymensa_bot
simple Telegram Bot for the OpenMensa API written in Node.js®
2016 PlainRead
beautiful based Feed Reader written in Vue.js and Go


me acknowledging emojis

My name is Friedrich Weise. I started building things for the internet in 2006 and haven't stopped since then. Currently I'm working as a Front-End developer on several projects and studying computer science in Dresden, Germany.

Github: friedrichweise